About Us

Our Story

Wustler is an exclusive lifestyle brand dedicated to every woman. We at Wustler believe that every woman like you deserves to be elevated, especially during the most important times of your day - your resting hours or whilst you work from home. We believe that dressing up to rest has immense psychological power to make you feel like you are more in charge & in control of your life, to match the woman you are and want to be.

With this in mind, we focused on creating our very first collection of timeless, trend-defying, luxurious yet affordable loungewear and sleepwear. Our signature fabric blend of Rayon & Viscose, which are regenerated cellulose fibre made from wood pulp - is super silky, ultra soft & breathable. We also implemented the complimentary personalised monogramming service for added personal touches. We hope to be your source of comfort & armour of confidence when life gets challenging and to serve as a constant reminder to always put yourself first. 

Wustler has two clear goals: to elevate women in their daily lives & to constantly work towards being kinder to the environment. We are committed to creating products with our planet in mind, besides searching for more environmentally-friendly fabrics, we will continue to work on shifting consumer's focus from temporary trends to enduring timeless pieces. While we are not perfect, we are constantly learning and exploring new ideas to drive responsible change through our brand.  

Our Supply Chain

We are committed to a transparent & traceable supply chain and have searched high and low for a manufacturer who practises ethical production, provides fair working conditions and produces high-end quality apparel. Our partner manufacturer has decades of experiences in the apparel manufacturing industry and having manufactured for multiple major, high-end international clothing brands, producing pieces with great quality & fine craftsmanship was their forte. 

Our manufacturer is a wholly foreign-owned enterprise established by a Japanese Corporation in Nantong. With almost 25 years of experience, the company mainly produces high-grade leisure clothing such as loungewear & sleepwear, for major global apparel retailers, with the majority of products being exported to Japan. All fabrics go through lab tests, with quality assurance at every stage of manufacturing. There is also a great and positive workplace culture at this company and we had such pleasant experiences visiting them.