Our Fabric

Our Fabric

Each Wustler® piece embodies silky soft comfort, drapes beautifully with gorgeous sheen, is breathable & lightweight. The magic is in our signature Wustler silky fabric blend of Rayon & Viscose, which are regenerated cellulose fibre made from wood pulp. Our fabric has been selected & handpicked for their hand feel, quality and breathability. All of our fabrics go through fabric lab tests to ensure the requirements of great quality are met. On top of this, we only use non-toxic and environmentally friendly fabric dyes, certified according to STANDARD 100 by OEKO-TEX®.

Simply put, we focused on offering something better than most satin in the market, yet much more wallet-friendly than silk, and specifically avoided using synthetics such as polyester, nylon etc. Our signature Wustler® silky fabric blend is more breathable on the skin compared to most satin and has silk-like properties. Our signature fabric also tends to crease when worn, however this is perfectly normal due to the fabric properties of Rayon & Viscose. We truly take pride in our signature Wustler silky fabric, but we will always strive for continuous improvements and are constantly searching for even better fabric blends which are kinder to earth.


Fabric Care     

Please read our care guide carefully and treat your Wustler® pieces with extra love & care.

We recommend hand-washing as the best and safest method. For machine-wash, turn your garment inside out and use a mesh laundry bag. Select delicate cycle with low spin, at or below 30°C and wash with like colours only. Please avoid the dryer as our fabric is made from wood fibres and may shrink in high heat. Air-drying our pieces helps keep the fabric stronger & more long-lasting, and avoids shrinkage of the fabric and other components.

Please take note not to twist or wring the fabric when it is still wet but to use a towel or any other absorbent cloth to remove excess water, if required. Gently pull and shape the garment back to its original shape as it begins drying, and smoothen out some wrinkles by hand when the pieces are still wet. Next, allow the pieces to air-dry flat or hang to line dry ideally. 

Our signature fabric is made from wood pulp & hence reacts like paper when wet, this in turn causes wrinkles after washing - however they iron beautifully & easily. It is extremely important to iron your Wustler® pieces at low/medium heat or give it a quick steam for them to look & feel their best. Due to the nature & properties of our delicate fabric, extra care is required to ensure your garments will stay in perfect shape & to look their very best for longer.