Pure Silk Skinny Scrunchies Set - Oat Milk, Latte, Mocha

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Wustler® holiday-edition pure silk skinny scrunchies set are made with 100% pure mulberry silk. These scrunchies are designed to be anti-crease & anti-breakage. Traditional hair ties can tug on delicate hair, which can lead to damage & breakage. Step up your hair tie game and switch to skinny pure silk scrunchies. A cherry on top - they are also made to fit snuggly & comfortably on your wrist when not in use.

Featuring Wustler® Mulberry Silk: 100% Pure Mulberry Silk, 6A Grade, 22 Momme, OEKO-TEX® STANDARD 100 Certified. For better hair, skin & sleep.


〰️ x3 Pure Silk Skinny Scrunchies (with premium elastic)
〰️ Trio colour: Silver, Champagne, Snow
〰️ Complimentary gift box


Read more about Wustler® Mulberry Silk care guide hereWe also advise that the product colour tones portrayed on our website may vary in real life due to the colour variation on different devices' screens or possible slight changes in different batch of colour dye and materials that occasionally occur.